Rebekah Uccellini Kuby

Gregorio Avanzini

Rebekah Uccellini Kuby is an “architect of impact” using regenerative systems design and Permaculture as a tool to support community development and poverty alleviation projects around the world.?In 2006 she founded Voluntourism, a matchmaking service for travelers and non-profits across 32 countries around the world. She has also created sustainable retreats for a number of sustainably-minded celebrities, including a 30 acre-off-grid regenerative artist retreats in Hana, Maui for photographer David LaChapelle between 2006-2010. Rebekah started her second non-profit venture in 2013 called “Grow the Change Program”- a community development program with a focus on creating gardens in the disempowered communities (homeless shelters, orphanages, hospitals, refugee camps, juvenile delinquent detention centers and low income schools). These sites are really “Revolutions disguised as gardens”. She takes old drainage ditches, and abandoned land and works with the community to transform the space into life-giving, safe, healing, abundant gardens. “ These gardens become “access-hubs” that focus on bringing in access to what communities need in order to Thrive.

Between 2012-2015 Rebekah designed and installed 23 food forest-gardens in drainage ditches and abandoned lots in underserved communities and helped to oversee 42 school gardens across Maui, Molokai and Lanai with the Maui School Garden Network and helped with curriculum development for K-12 schools.Rebekah now works behind the scenes building bridges that helps to connect those with abundant overflow into the communities that have the greatest need. She designs community impact projects around the world for companies like A-fest, Microsoft, Ethical Coach and Burners Without Borders, and currently provides Permaculture consultation and design for private clients. She’s the founder of Art4Humanity and A-Afest GiveBack days, Chief visionary officer behind GiftEconomy and nonprofit director at EthicalCoach.