Mariana Gutu

Gregorio Avanzini

Mariana Gutu is a transformational coach, a consultant and a visionary, working with social and heart centered conscious entrepreneurs. Having a unique ability to see the beauty and the unlimited potential in all beings, she inspires her clients to go beyond, expand and discover the best versions of who they can ever be. As a result of her genuine curiosity in the natural principles of the universe, her interest in human consciousness and neurosciences inspired her to study and use hypnotherapy to transform the obstacles into the platform that will launch us towards the achievement of our dreams.

Mariana believes a large majority of people allow fear to rule their consciousness. Her work is an irreverent invitation to shift our inherent selfishness into generosity by healing ourselves through transmuting our fear into confidence and offer our talents to serve the society in order to build a better world, a new earth consciousness. She believes that if you feel like you don’t fit in this world, it’s because you are here to help create a new one! Her mission, her cause, her purpose is helping people transform their fears and unleash the power within so they can connect with their full potential to achieve their goals and dreams while positively influencing others and making the world a better place.