Lisa Grafos


Lisa Grafos is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate adventurist. Currently, she operates a growing fitness business, CORE40 Studios, in California with her husband Dean. Lisa was inspired to launch CORE40 in 2009, after healing a traumatic back injury through a unique core strengthening workout. CORE40’s “Transformational FitnessTM” program has increased physical strength and emotional well-being for tens of thousands of clients over the past 7 years. CORE40 Community Center, the non-profit arm of the organization, is actively involved in the community and has raised thousands of dollars for various charitable causes. Recently Lisa has embarked upon a new project — the creation of Shambhala.Love, a retreat and healing center on Costa Rica’s magnificent Costa Bellena. When not focused on work endeavors, Lisa enjoys travel adventures, personal growth, and spending quality time with her cherished husband Dean and beloved daughter Viviana.