Jonas Kehrbaum

Gregorio Avanzini

Jonas Kehrbaum has made it his mission to help the next generation go global. He believes that the most important asset for a fulfilled and successful life in the 21. century is knowing oneself. With his company Epro 360, he specializes in helping people from all over the world break free from the cultural baggage of their home countries, get funding to study in the U.S., learn English, reinvent themselves, connect to the global conversation, and then take it back to their home countries. Jonas grew up in Dortmund, Germany. In 2013, he circumnavigated the world on a ship with Nobel Price Laureate Desmond Tutu, some multi-billionaires and many other game changers. That’s when his life started to shift dramatically.

Jonas became passionate about entrepreneurship and one’s inner potential. Today, Jonas spends most of his waking hours help students from all over the world reach their dream of living abroad. Every once in awhile, he finds himself giving a workshop about business model development and innovation, especially when one of his students also aspires to build his or her own company.