Gahmya Drummond-Bey

Gregorio Avanzini

Gahmya Drummond-Bey is a global education curriculum designer, transformational teacher, and enthusiast for all things love and literacy. She has traveled the world for 11 years, transforming learning spaces, empowering small villages and communities, and empowering educations and community leaders. Gahmya also completes most of her work in five different languages.

Gahmya has worked closely with the Ministry of Health in several communities. Gahmya has created lesson plans and visual aids to educate local women. In Turkmenistan, Topics included: yoga, reproductive health, nutrition, diarrhea, anemia, mumps, breastfeeding, hygiene, goiter, stress and substance abuse prevention. In this way Gahmya educated an estimated 500 Turkmen households and learned many of the skills that are necessary in creating a strong and healthy community.

Gahmya is also well versed in taking community needs assessments in order to create sustainable projects and programs. Gahmya has assisted several communities in securing small grants from USAID. Her favorite included educating mothers about infant care and teaching local seamstresses to make cloth diapers out of readily available materials. Infant care was also emphasized through a 60 foot mural Gahmya painted with local students which depicted methods of maintaining healthy babies.

As an ESL educator, Gahmya has designed programs for learning centers in Mongolia, Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Florida, and South Korea. She has crafted over eighty textbooks and learning guides, fifty digital programs, and trained hundreds of educators in ways to design lesson plans and syllabi that focus on the learner. Gahmya is passionate about bringing quality education to children around the world.

She is honored to be a member of the Project Love team.