Benjamin Kiracofe

Gregorio Avanzini

Benjamin Kiracofe is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, wellness warrior, and cancer survivor on a mission to help inspire the world to move towards love and higher consciousness. He is the founder of Inspire Films, co-owner of Tigers Eye Fine Imports, Anomaly, and Urban Monk.

An autodidact and traveler at heart, he is in search of both inner wisdom and outer experiences that will enrich not only his life but also the lives of millions. He plans to share the beauty and aliveness he sees in the world with others through the power of story and documentary films. He is fully aware of the “backfire effect” (the psychological phenomenon that happens when the more you try and convince someone they are wrong using facts and figures, the more convinced they become that their preexisting beliefs are correct).

A story, on the other hand, is proven to release dopamine and oxytocin in the mind as well as stimulate an emotional response from the viewer that can bypass logic and ego, and pierce straight to the heart of their humanity. He believes that with the power of story, we can change the world.