The Team

Walid Aboulnaga is an entrepreneur focusing on the Learning & Development Sector. Currently residing in Dubai, he leads a creative team designing & developing online training courses.

He is passionate about using his personal athletic skills to coach sports for young & underprivileged children. With the belief that sports can help children stay away from drugs, alcohol and violence and help promote discipline and better overall health. Instilling those in need with a sense of health & fitness, in an organized manner through individual or team sports, is a project he is currently working on.

Outside of the business world, his main joy comes from spending family time with his wife and three daughters at the beach and outdoors.

“Leap and the net will appear” Zen Saying

Pedram Dara is a transformational coach. He helps people discover and execute on what they’re called to do so they can pursue their purpose, make more impact, and gain more fulfillment.

A PR and marketing specialist who genuinely believes that every important story deserves to be told. My penchant and passion for social entrepreneurship and keen interest in bringing about change in my home town Dubai lead me to become the Communications chair and executive board member on e7 girls leadership summit organized to empower young Emirati women to create community projects that will bring about change in their environments. I seek unique experiences and believe in the importance of good energy.

Andrea is an entrepreneurial young Italian always looking for the next challenge. After living in 6 countries and receiving his masters from MIT, he is now part of a vibrant San Francisco community of 50.

He has collaborated with Professor Vandana Shiva, towards her participation in Expo 2015 in Milan; this experience has inspired him to focus on the synthesis between international markets and locally-sourced, sustainable development on a global scale.

Interests include music producing, startups and community living spaces.


Clarenda “Cee” Anderson is a veteran nonprofit fundraiser and communications expert with more than $54M raised in her career. Specializing in working with high wealth donors and diverse constituencies, Cee is a sought-after philanthropic coach and developer of Conscious Fundraising™, a proprietary system that teaches high-wealth fundraisers how to attract and raise more wealth for social causes.

Gregorio Avanzini is an architect, transformational coach, meditation facilitator, community development consultant, and an avid volunteer as well as an enthusiastic hugger.

As a Fulbright Scholar, he received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan, where he also assisted in teaching courses to both graduate and undergraduate students. There he formalized his thesis, ‘The Pristine Movement’, which focuses on designing regenerative communities to help our society in finding balance and harmony with itself and with the entire ecosystem of our planet.

He has lived, traveled, volunteered and spoke on stages, in more than 60 countries, where he has also brough a life-changing breathing technique, that he named ‘Breath of One’ to over 2500 people.

His main focus is now to turn his dream of ‘The Project Love’ into reality.

Author, speaker, works with social and business leaders inspiring them to transform crisis into opportunities.

As a result of his intrigue and fascination with the natural principles that govern our lives, he presents a simple message to transform our obstacles into the platform that will launch us towards the achievement of our dreams.

He proposes a radical rethink in how to strengthen our “mental immune system” to use our crisis as triggers of innovation and raw material for success.

His personal Manifesto is stated as ”The Art of being a River”. His proposal is ”Let’s be river and not swamp”. It is an irreverent proposal to transmute our inherent selfishness into generosity by processing our fear into confidence and offer our talents to build a better world.

Macarena Chiriboga completed her Architecture Masters Degree in Savannah College of Art and Design.  Her master thesis in bamboo, ¨Going back to the Origins” won her best thesis award which encouraged her journey: Taking bamboo to the next level.

Hired to work in Bali for one of the most recognized sustainable projects today, Green Village. Macarena designed the luxury homes 99 percent with bamboo.  The houses have changed completely the way people view this material winning her an article in the New York Times and Herald Tribune.

Encouraged to implement the knowledge back to her country Ecuador she moved to Quito  and opened the firm M+S STUDIO.  Taking advantage of the amazing bamboo Ecuador has to offer they have re invented bamboo and created a structure which won best Bonsai Museum in Latin America. Newspaper El Comercio has recognized Macarena as: “The Ecuadorian who elevates the use of bamboo.”

Gahmya Drummond-Bey is a global education curriculum designer, transformational teacher, and enthusiast for all things love and literacy. She has traveled the world for 11 years, transforming learning spaces, empowering small villages and communities, and empowering educations and community leaders. Gahmya also completes most of her work in five different languages.

Gahmya has worked closely with the Ministry of Health in several communities. Gahmya has created lesson plans and visual aids to educate local women. In Turkmenistan, Topics included: yoga, reproductive health, nutrition, diarrhea, anemia, mumps, breastfeeding, hygiene, goiter, stress and substance abuse prevention. In this way Gahmya educated an estimated 500 Turkmen households and learned many of the skills that are necessary in creating a strong and healthy community.

Gahmya is also well versed in taking community needs assessments in order to create sustainable projects and programs. Gahmya has assisted several communities in securing small grants from USAID. Her favorite included educating mothers about infant care and teaching local seamstresses to make cloth diapers out of readily available materials. Infant care was also emphasized through a 60 foot mural Gahmya painted with local students which depicted methods of maintaining healthy babies.

As an ESL educator, Gahmya has designed programs for learning centers in Mongolia, Thailand, Turkey, Japan, Florida, and South Korea. She has crafted over eighty textbooks and learning guides, fifty digital programs, and trained hundreds of educators in ways to design lesson plans and syllabi that focus on the learner. Gahmya is passionate about bringing quality education to children around the world.

She is honored to be a member of the Project Love team.

Martin Elliott has received his B.S. in Architecture from The University of Michigan and he is now studying his last semester at MIT to complete his Master of Architecture.

He believes in changing the world through inspiring others, using documentation of experiences. He explores photography and videography as mediums to send messages that will spread across the globe. He believes that our experiences are unique to us, but can be extended as stories to educate, enlighten and engage the greater public.

Dean Grafos is an experienced business creator who is always up for a challenge. During his career he has been a restaurateur, run a successful legal practice, and developed both residential and commercial real estate. Currently Dean operates a successful and growing fitness business in San Francisco, where he is passionate about helping clients become healthier, stronger and more confident. He is also in the process of developing an eco-retreat center in Costa Rica, with plans to positively impact the local community while helping to transform the lives of retreat participants. Dean is passionate about helping people in need, particularly those who are homeless and hungry. When not working, Dean loves beach time, personal growth and family dance parties with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Lisa Grafos is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate adventurist. Currently, she operates a growing fitness business, CORE40 Studios, in California with her husband Dean. Lisa was inspired to launch CORE40 in 2009, after healing a traumatic back injury through a unique core strengthening workout. CORE40’s “Transformational FitnessTM” program has increased physical strength and emotional well-being for tens of thousands of clients over the past 7 years. CORE40 Community Center, the non-profit arm of the organization, is actively involved in the community and has raised thousands of dollars for various charitable causes. Recently Lisa has embarked upon a new project — the creation of Shambhala.Love, a retreat and healing center on Costa Rica’s magnificent Costa Bellena. When not focused on work endeavors, Lisa enjoys travel adventures, personal growth, and spending quality time with her cherished husband Dean and beloved daughter Viviana.

Mariana Gutu is a transformational coach, a consultant and a visionary, working with social and heart centered conscious entrepreneurs. Having a unique ability to see the beauty and the unlimited potential in all beings, she inspires her clients to go beyond, expand and discover the best versions of who they can ever be. As a result of her genuine curiosity in the natural principles of the universe, her interest in human consciousness and neurosciences inspired her to study and use hypnotherapy to transform the obstacles into the platform that will launch us towards the achievement of our dreams.

Mariana believes a large majority of people allow fear to rule their consciousness. Her work is an irreverent invitation to shift our inherent selfishness into generosity by healing ourselves through transmuting our fear into confidence and offer our talents to serve the society in order to build a better world, a new earth consciousness. She believes that if you feel like you don’t fit in this world, it’s because you are here to help create a new one! Her mission, her cause, her purpose is helping people transform their fears and unleash the power within so they can connect with their full potential to achieve their goals and dreams while positively influencing others and making the world a better place.

Vivien Hunt is a Coach and Consultant specialising in Change and Transformation. As a coach, she loves to work with individuals who want to make big positive impact in the world, Social Entrepreneurs and game changers.

In organisations, her focus is in developing their people, culture and building high-trust organisations. She works with leaders and teams to create healthy work environments and improve employee engagement, communication, well-being and employee retention. Vivien is a Co-Active Coach (CPCC, ACC) and Certified C-IQ™ Coach.

My love is for the earth, environment, community & holistic well-being- using sound, colour & light. This is reflected in my work as an Interior designer/ Holistic Practitioner /Executive Coach.
With a background of Global Medical Sales & Marketing Management, having a passion to work in a dynamic enviroment with a “hands on” approach with key decision-makers, clients and the community .
I believe that Interior design can be used to improve people’s lives, health and well-being, using colour, sound and light therapy to enhance their environments. I get great pleasure in helping and influencing others, sometimes with an element of surprise, opening them up to new and exciting possibilities. I like using my skills and natural empathy to help people understand or decide what will best meet their needs.

Jonas Kehrbaum has made it his mission to help the next generation go global. He believes that the most important asset for a fulfilled and successful life in the 21. century is knowing oneself. With his company Epro 360, he specializes in helping people from all over the world break free from the cultural baggage of their home countries, get funding to study in the U.S., learn English, reinvent themselves, connect to the global conversation, and then take it back to their home countries. Jonas grew up in Dortmund, Germany. In 2013, he circumnavigated the world on a ship with Nobel Price Laureate Desmond Tutu, some multi-billionaires and many other game changers. That’s when his life started to shift dramatically.

Jonas became passionate about entrepreneurship and one’s inner potential. Today, Jonas spends most of his waking hours help students from all over the world reach their dream of living abroad. Every once in awhile, he finds himself giving a workshop about business model development and innovation, especially when one of his students also aspires to build his or her own company.

Benjamin Kiracofe is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, wellness warrior, and cancer survivor on a mission to help inspire the world to move towards love and higher consciousness. He is the founder of Inspire Films, co-owner of Tigers Eye Fine Imports, Anomaly, and Urban Monk.

An autodidact and traveler at heart, he is in search of both inner wisdom and outer experiences that will enrich not only his life but also the lives of millions. He plans to share the beauty and aliveness he sees in the world with others through the power of story and documentary films. He is fully aware of the “backfire effect” (the psychological phenomenon that happens when the more you try and convince someone they are wrong using facts and figures, the more convinced they become that their preexisting beliefs are correct).

A story, on the other hand, is proven to release dopamine and oxytocin in the mind as well as stimulate an emotional response from the viewer that can bypass logic and ego, and pierce straight to the heart of their humanity. He believes that with the power of story, we can change the world.

AJ Maxwell is an executive coach and the creator of the #1 employee engagement formula that radically increases productivity and profits. AJ’s Targeted-Results Coaching program helps successful executive and entrepreneurs achieve powerful and lasting changes in their leadership behavior.

For over 20 years working [at GE and Lockheed Martin] his passion has been creating HIGH PERFORMING organizations through leading edge TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP and ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE programs and helping leaders and employees to BREAKTHROUGH and take their enterprises to the next level – no matter how successful they already are – in the areas that matter most: leadership, talent, organization and culture.

Most recently, he took inspired action and left corporate life behind and relocated his family to Costa Rica where they enjoy the “Pura Vida!” lifestyle.

As the World’s #1 Affluence Coach, Dr. Tera Maxwell’s unique ability to identify and remove energy blocks, combined with her rare talent in vibrational energy allows her to facilitate swift transformation in her clients to materialize their dreams into physical reality. Her doctoral work on the legacy of generational trauma informs her signature Freedom Method as she has helped hundreds of clients restore their original programming to experience true freedom in their lives. She is currently working on a book The Affluence Codes for Effortless Living that outlines the 12 Laws of Affluence, re-defined as sustainable, legacy-inspired affluence, accessible to every individual, member, and future generation of our planet. Living in Costa Rica with her husband and children, her life embodies her message on creating effortless affluence and joy. She spends most mornings meditating and surfing the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Alexis Neely (artist name: Ali Shanti) is a bridge between the generations. She graduated first in her law school class from Georgetown and today uses her law degree to uplevel the consciousness of the legal field, and the families and business owners served by lawyers. Ali serves as a catalyst for new ways of thinking, a paradigm-shifter, lawyer, mom, author, and permission giver who is bringing forward radically new and much needed perspectives on how we make decisions about money, time, work, relationships, parenting and business. And she offers her personal experiences with living a new paradigm, road less traveled life to serve as a model of what’s possible when we allow all of ourselves to show up fully in family, life and business.

Alessandra Sannyas is a creative and loving life coach, music producer and vibrational therapist. Growing up she was constantly exposed to music at her parents recording studio. Since then she developed a deep passion for music, as well as a natural understanding of the effect of sound on human emotions.

Through the years she received certifications in ‘Vibrational Medicine’, ‘Science & Metaphysics’ and ‘Reiki’ that helped her in creating a unique coaching and healing process for re-harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.

Her main mission is to inspire other fellow humans into manifesting their deepest desires & abilities into reality.
She strongly believes in the power of positivity and that mankind’s problem can be solved through the use of our creative intelligence and inventive mind.

Today Alessandra is a young mother who enjoys traveling the world with her baby daughter Maya, and is currently developing a creative center in Bali Indonesia which is her home base.

Lindsay Sukornyk, B. Comm, CPCC, 200 hr RYT

Transformational Leadership Expert and Huffington Post Blogger

I am a transformational leadership coach, yoga teacher, writer, wanderluster, and mama of four amazing kids. I founded North Star Coaching + Yoga in 2002 and since then I’ve worked with hundreds of elite leaders in top tier organizations. I’m a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) with CTI and a certified vinyasa yoga teacher. I graduated from the Queen’s University commerce program, and started my career at A.T. Kearney, a global consulting company.  I am a regular Huffington Post blogger and I’ve been cited as an expert in national and international media including The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Canadian Business Magazine, Maclean’s Magazine, Chatelaine Magazine, and CBC’s “Venture.” Currently launching Alive + Awake, an online transformational leadership platform,  I work with leaders who are hungry to make a difference, I guide them to release untapped potential and become more fully alive and awake.


IG:  @lindsaysukornyk

FB: Lindsay Sukornyk 

YouTube Channel: Alive and Awake

For the past twenty years Susanne Theisen Rodriguez has used her God given gifts by devoted her life to the homeless community, particularly working with youth. Known as “Mama Sue,” she served on the Board of Hope Kids and Nightlife Center for eight years, serving 4000 school children living in poverty and shelters. Now she serves hands on 24/7 with individuals as a Life Coach, Mentor, and Advocate, helping people find their God-given purpose to make a difference in the world. A seasoned entrepreneur, she has spent her career in the real estate industry specializing in developing luxury residential and boutique hotels.

Born and raised in Germany, she has spent most of her life in Sarasota Florida raising her two amazing sons where she now offers Conscious Living Retreats annually. She meditate to sunset and sunrise and just learned to surf in Costa Rica. Pura Vida.

Stephen lives to bring the wisdom of play and action from wisdom into the life of as many people as possible. They are co-founder of Immodestea, an educational fine tea and event company with a mission to use tea ceremony to connect people more authentically with themselves and the people around them. They are a sound meditation practitioner, a fire artist, and a builder of intentional communities in the urban Bay Area. And most of all, they are one of many pivotal pieces of The Project Love, bringing more love and joy to those near and far.

Rebekah Uccellini Kuby is an “architect of impact” using regenerative systems design and Permaculture as a tool to support community development and poverty alleviation projects around the world.?In 2006 she founded Voluntourism, a matchmaking service for travelers and non-profits across 32 countries around the world. She has also created sustainable retreats for a number of sustainably-minded celebrities, including a 30 acre-off-grid regenerative artist retreats in Hana, Maui for photographer David LaChapelle between 2006-2010. Rebekah started her second non-profit venture in 2013 called “Grow the Change Program”- a community development program with a focus on creating gardens in the disempowered communities (homeless shelters, orphanages, hospitals, refugee camps, juvenile delinquent detention centers and low income schools). These sites are really “Revolutions disguised as gardens”. She takes old drainage ditches, and abandoned land and works with the community to transform the space into life-giving, safe, healing, abundant gardens. “ These gardens become “access-hubs” that focus on bringing in access to what communities need in order to Thrive.

Between 2012-2015 Rebekah designed and installed 23 food forest-gardens in drainage ditches and abandoned lots in underserved communities and helped to oversee 42 school gardens across Maui, Molokai and Lanai with the Maui School Garden Network and helped with curriculum development for K-12 schools.Rebekah now works behind the scenes building bridges that helps to connect those with abundant overflow into the communities that have the greatest need. She designs community impact projects around the world for companies like A-fest, Microsoft, Ethical Coach and Burners Without Borders, and currently provides Permaculture consultation and design for private clients. She’s the founder of Art4Humanity and A-Afest GiveBack days, Chief visionary officer behind GiftEconomy and nonprofit director at EthicalCoach.

Live like heaven on earth

Using her life’s work to positively showcase how to live like it’s heaven on earth , here and now. The Mission is to change the world before lunch time with health wisdom and products that enable more of us to live better
Humanity Plus Health & Business Strategist, Health Entrepreneur, Changing The World Before Lunchtime
Working in Coaching & Training, Health & Fitness

Edward Zaydelman grew up in New York and had a background in organizing unique events and experiences ranging from 7000 person youth gatherings to events for celebrities including Sean “P-diddy” Combs, Britney Spears, Wyclef Jean and others. He has also worked closely with the founders of the Burning Man Festival helping organize salons in various hubs around the world and support the Burning Man Project. He loves people, he loves community, and he loves the medium of event and experience design to help those people connect.

But after some years in the fast paced event world of New York City, he realized that a shift was needed. It was at that point that he turned to integrative medicine and wellness to recover from his fatigue, toxicity, and restore his body state. He spent the next years of his life meeting top doctors, healers, and practitioners of various wellness modalities and visiting the top wellness centers around the world. He later went on to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and received a degree in Holistic Nutrition. After working through countless personal growth modalities and studying practical applications of classical wisdom, he developed his own SAIL methodology over 10 years to help people with accountability and self-understanding metrics through writing.

As the co-founder of Puerta a la Vida, he has spent the last 10 years in Costa Rica developing the foundation for a wellness retreat center and community. In 2012 he opened Costa Rica’s first co-working space “Nomada”. In 2015, Ed launched his latest venture Experience Vida – a pop-up hotel, and boutique event company – focused on producing one-of-a-kind experiences.

To this day Ed remains passionately committed to helping people discovering their unique gifts and potential to positively impact the world – through the lens of experience design and events.

Sharif Aboulnaga is an experienced technical consultant, primarily working in the IT world as a software architect and project manager. He founded several mobile apps that are inspired to help, educate, and entertain. Others include geo-location tracking ( that lets adventurers track each other anywhere, an educational app for children, and the largest MENA region emoji app to date.

Using his wide array of creative, technical, and entrepreneurial skills, he brings IT projects to life from ideas. He continues to create his apps and consult on non-profit projects to help people where he can. He currently lives in Washington D.C.